I was perusing facebook as any good stalker does and came across this link on Mike Hoffman’s page regarding the MRT test being on the news. Of course I have to share this link as we offer the MRT test, have been for a year now and our clients experience great success with it. Aahhh, I just love basking in the knowledge that we are ahead of mainstream and part of what I believe is going to be a HUGE movement in nutrition and how people eat – Food sensitivity testing and personalized nutrition plans.

I totally blame the MRT for having a fabulous pregnancy at the ripe old age of 41. Let me define fabulous so you know I am not exaggerating – Never threw up once, didn’t crave anything, felt great every single day of all 9 months, kept up with the twenty somethings in the gym and front squatted less than a week before my precious bundle of joy was born. Now of course labor was painful and loong (I’m not gonna lie) but the nurses were all amazed at my calmness, the ability to turn down drugs and lack of swelling during and after birth.

Gluten free and allergen awareness are quickly becoming popular these days and not because they are a passing fad; they are necessity driven. Gluten sensitivity is up 400% and every 10 years the number of people with peanut allergies doubles and 40 years ago they didn’t really exist. Our bodies are unable to detox the onslaught of daily toxins and it is catching up with us and fast.

The good news is there is help! A simple blood test called the MRT (Mediator Release Test) can pinpoint exactly which foods are causing inflammation in an individual. The foods may be “healthy” but they are causing an inflammation response in some people which leads to disease. Everyone is so individual; elimination diets just take too long and lack accuracy and IgE testing done by traditional Doctors only tests for an immediate allergen response. Inflammation responses are actually the most dangerous as they are typically not acute and do not always present with obvious symptoms like allergies; however inflammation is involved with all diseases.

It makes perfect sense to reduce inflammation and food related stress on the body and that is EXACTLY what the MRT does.

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2 weeks after giving birth

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