Have you had your insulin levels checked? This is one hormone that has a dramatic impact on your health; it can make you anabolic (lean & muscular) or make your waistline as big as an oompa loompah. Many people know that carbohydrates affect your insulin levels – carbs give you an insulin response where you either use glucose for energy or store it as body fat. The problem is your insulin can stay elevated if the carbs are refined or too sugary; which is much like a tropical storm raging out of control eating up everything in it’s path. When you add in stress it goes from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane fast as stress is cortisol which raises insulin.

I recently ran labs on myself as I frequently do and found my fasting insulin to be 8. Whoa! I have been eating healthy and avoiding refined carbs so how can this be? I quickly realized the master of disaster is stress. It is time to take my own advice and control my stress. You may be seeing less of me as I have to take a much needed sabbatical, lower my stress and train for my physical needs and if everything goes well, you will literally be seeing less of me. My goal is simple, my waistline needs to be lower than my age. –JROD

What have you done lately to ensure sunny, blue skies?

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